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PISTOLERA – Synopsis

"Once there was a little girl who liked to play with guns"

When ruthless drug lord Raff aello murders the family of the little girl named Angel in a gangland hid in Spain, he makes one fatal mistake: Letting her live. Thus Raffaello sets in motion a bloody chain of events in this gritty street tale of revenge… and its cost.
Orphaned by the event and sent into the system, Angel descended into a life of crime as she grows up to adulthood. Now, fi nally getting out of prison, Angel AKA PISTOLERA vows she´ll never go back. Enlisting the aid of her LA cousin and partner-in-crime RICO – whose parents were also murdered the same night as Angels´s family by Raffaello´s men – they quit their gangs and plan one last big hit. One that will set them up for life. They`re going to rob Raff aello. And after they´ve done, they plan to take Raff aello´s life. But Raff aello – a brilliant gangster who has never tasted defeat – has other plans.

Also by Pistolera´s side is her uncle INDIO, a former drug cartel hitman who was so savage in execution of his targets that he earned the nickname THE AZTEC.

Now bullets will rain on the streets of Spain as Pistolera, Rico and Indio deal out their own brand of retribution.

Pistolera is a high- octane crime action fi lm in the vein of movies like "Desperado" and "Machete"

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