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Love Hate and Security

The new Action Thriller with Damian Chapa ,Romina Di Lella & Ralf Moeller!

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The new movie "Love Hate & Security" with Damian Chapa, Romina Di Lella & Ralf Moeller is the newest action-thriller from US american actor Damian Chapa("Blood in Blood out") Not only was he the director of the movie, he also wrote the story. At his side, the wonderful italian actress Romina Di Lella, who lives in Berlin played the female lead. Among them also Ralf Moeller that we know from numerous Hollywood movies ("Gladiator "& "Scorpionsking" and Oliver Gruber.

Giulietta Di Messina a rich sensual european aristocrat (Romina Di Lella) has an unquenchable desire to be a lounge singer against her powerful banker husband's William Windsor's (Oliver Gruber) wish. Still she rebels against him and his high society family cause she keeps control of Williams black money cash safe code. Suddenly an assignation is attempted on their lives. Miraculously Giulietta finds a gun in their car and hits two men with an onslaught of wild firing. William calls afterwards New York High level security head hunter Tony (Ralf Moeller). Tony sends his Best man Nick Angelo (Damian Chapa). Upon Nicks arrival he finds himself in the middle of an intense dispute between the rich couple. He saves Giulietta┬┤s life many times during many street war battles and finally realises it is William who has set up to kill his wife, so he may run off with his gay lover with the family fortune. Nick falls in love with Giulietta and risks his life to save her from her demise.

Director Chapa took the audience through "Love Hate & Security" into a world of the wealth, beauty and royalty but... also the intrigue, betrayal and murder. The settings are glamorous with elegant decors and costumes. The movie was filmed in France & N.Y. With"Love Hate & Security" Damian Chapa not only succeeded in making a skillful action-thriller, he kept also the tenseness till the very last moment! Furthermore he showed us charmingly the start of a love story from 2 lost souls through extreme situations. "Love Hate & Security" stands out through its great cast and also a distinguish soundtrack.Besides playing the female lead, Romina Di Lella sang also four songs for the soundrack. The audience in Berlin will be presented at the grand "World Premiere" on 27th of may, not only the movie "Love Hate & Security", but also the music videoclip of the song " Kiss your heart awake" official Soundrack LHS, directed also by Damian Chapa!

Love, Hate and Security: Information
Produced by N1 Production
Genre: Action/Thriller
Lengh: 90 minutes
Release Benelux: 31. october 2014
Production company: N1 Production
Director: Damian Chapa
Writer: Damian Chapa

Love, Hate and Security: Cast
Nick Angelo: Damian Chapa
Giulietta di MessinaRomina Di Lella
Agent Tony: Ralf Moeller
William Windsor: Oliver Gruber

Love, Hate and Security: Crew
Director: Damian Chapa
Film Music Composition: Vivien Lee & Romina Di Lella
Music Arrangement & Co Composition: Michael Buk
Lyrics: Romina Di Lella & Vivien Lee
Music Performances: Romina Di Lella
Costume Designer: Agustin Molina
Set Photographer: Manon Ombre

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